Club awards

Whilst the Telopea Amateur Swimming Club was formed in November 1964, some of the club's trophies have a much longer association with swimming in the Australian Capital Territory. Many trophies came from the period when the Canberra Amateur Swimming Club was based at the Manuka Pool. The trophies that relate to the period when the Canberra Amateur Swimming Club was based at Manuka were presented to Telopea by the original recipients or the families of the original recipients at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the opening of the Manuka Pool. Other trophies have been kindly donated by members and friends of the club. See also history.

These trophies are presented to Telopea swimmers at the Annual Presentation Night, held in May each year. Trophies are awarded for results achieved at Club Nights and Club Championships. There are also several special awards selected by either the Management Committee, the Club Captains, the Coaches or a combination of these office bearers. These special awards all acknowledge special achievements or efforts by the individuals concerned.

Please take a few moments to discover the richness of the history of these trophies, some of which help to tell the story of swimming in the early days of Canberra.