Welcome to the Telopea Swim Club

Telopea Swim Club 50th Logo

We are holding our annual swim meet again this year at the AIS pool in Canberra at the AIS pool on 3 & 4 November 2018. The flyer is here. The MM & TM files are here and here.

Telopea has a rich history of outstanding athletic achievement. This has led to a multitude of individual and team successes, including a World Record Holder, Olympic and Paralympic Medallists, World Championship Medallists, National, State and Country Champions.

The Club seeks to develop a strong and vibrant spirit in training, at meets and in the club’s administration. An important element of this spirit is the relationship between the senior and junior swimmers, within the squads as well as between the coaches, squad managers and parents. This after all is the team within the club that encourages our swimmers to reach for and achieve their potential. Telopea has a tradition of achievement, which all members of the committee are committed to see not only continue, but to thrive. 

We hope that any person who joins our club can take part in all that Telopea has to offer and can be enriched by the history, knowledge and success that the club has enjoyed since 1964.